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A gray whale visits Dogfish Bay.

This whale has been here for a week or so. The good folks of Fisheries and Wildlife have been monitoring it for signs of distress. It seems the local gray population has been undernourished, possibly due to climate change and it’s effect on availability of krill–on which these majestic creatures feed. The important work on my libretto has been sidetracked by several factors: this elderly gray, the immanent seal birthing season, and a group of clueless youth harrassing pregnant seals with a volley of rocks from a skiff. All this stress reaches a fevered pitch this time of year, when the birthing season of local species interfaces with Summer Yahoos bent on pleasure in its multifaceted allurements.

These developments will not distract from my most pressing task–the creation of the opera. Stay tuned for the next chapter in which Drumph drafts a brilliant memo–a work of awesome fictive power–explaining his justification for Comey’s firing.

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The Memory Theatre-a Reprieve

DSC02850memory stations 10 tree
First memory station

In his wonderful book,  Little Book of Dreams,  Robert Bosnak says that the best way to enhance dream recollection is the classic memory practice.   This is important for many reasons.  Here’s one:

In a dream I was given a slip of paper on which was written the word HEARTNET.  The image was very clear and when I told Lily of the dream the next day, she suggested I google it.  It turned out to be a heart health website.

Taking this as a sign, I had a checkup and found my cholesterol levels dangerously high.  I became resolved to clean up my act and extend my life.  It gave  me a reprieve.

Tibetan Buddhist teachers say that the ability to consciously enter the dream state-lucid dreaming-is a good way to prepare for the bardo after death.

As I am not ready to face the bardo’s dangerous pathways, attending to the dream message allowed me more time to cultivate the qualities of compassion and wisdom that help to ease the transition.  This, it is said, increases the possibility of a favorable rebirth.


DSC01792blakes painting teacher
Blake’s painting teacher, from his visionary heads series

I was thinking of Blake’s vision of Jerusalem as a Golden city of peace, love and harmony that, at some timeless time, was “on England’s pleasant pastures seen.”  Did such a city exist in prehistory? 

Then I read this in Eva Wong’s commentary in the Hui-Ming Ching (Cultivating the Energy of life:)

  When we are in our mother’s womb, we were filled with the primordial energy of the Tao.  In the natal state, original nature and the energy of life are united.

At birth we come into contact with the world.  When air is inhaled through the nostrils, the primordial breath is contaminated and the connection with the Tao is broken.  Original nature and life energy separate, the former moving to the heart and the latter moving to the kidneys.