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Los’s Bright Halls-The Exhibit-an artwork in progress

exhibit 2 I finally got the art show up.  I came down with a nasty cold as the time for hanging approached, and all the work of logistics, promotion, and “finishing” the paintings became a real grind.

But we had a nice opening last night.  Many friends came showing their appreciation and support.  Thanks to all.

In my next post I hope to give a more complete account about the experience of creating these works over the past 3 months.

Lets just say for now that I came to realize I bit off far more than I could chew, though I did this deliberately–as a sort of audacious challenge to myself.

jerusalem in show
Jerusalem-painting by Craig Spencer

There always looms the possibility that the painting was better left at an earlier stage, or that the work may not bear the test of time.  At times I wondered if a painting might be veering perilously close to maudlin tripe, or the whole concept totally misguided.

But I  really don’t worry about it.  It’s best to have the courage to make a clear statement.  I think age and experience has taught me to trust the process and to carry through despite such doubts about relevance, skill level or (in this case) my understanding of Blake’s gorgeously bombastic, prophetic poem.

These blog posts have been an integral part of this exhibit’s creation.  Thanks to all who have been following and commenting.

vala, arches, golgonooza
Vala, Temple 3, Building Golgonooza-paintings by Craig Spencer
albion in show
Albion Asleep-painting by Craig Spencer
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Artwork in progress-a look back

insstallation 3

Here’s an installation photo from my show.  It’s good to get it done.  Now I can move on to other things.  Like gardening, chopping wood, and writing blog posts again.installation cropped

Putting up a show is always a double-edged thing.  There’s the excitement and sense of accomplishment, but it’s also something of a let down in the end.  It’s a summation, of sorts, a statement of where I’ve arrived at this point in time, life and career.  It’s strange to think I did my first oil painting 50 years ago.  I thought of showing this painting too, but couldn’t hang it without a little more work on it.  Would this be cheating?installation 4