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Last touch up for April art exhibit

sufi shrine
Sufi Shrine

Here are some paintings I’ve been finishing for my art exhibit this month.  I’ve been too busy getting them ready to find time for a blog post.

The Sufi Shrine has been a real challange, but I believe I pulled it out at the last minute.

Sleeping Poet by Craig Spencer

The Sleeping Poet (not sure of title) has a long history as well.  It was inspired by a medieval poem called the Pearl-a pious allegory where the poet falls into a dream by a beautiful river bank.  I’m not usually into allegory-especially pious ones-but something about this story has grabbed me ever since reading it (and memorizing some) 20 years ago.

Square Rigger
The Inferno

The Square Rigger is my latest,  unfinished painting.  It evokes an earlier time of Port Madison history.  She emerges from the sunset mists  like a ghostly presence.

Here is my version of Dante’s Inferno.  I’ve been listening to a recording of the Divine Comedy while getting ready for this show.