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Truth isn’t truth is Beauty

I cut up my collages into ever smaller pieces and arranged them like fragments of a mosaic, or tesserae. I believe it was Kurt Schwitters who said that collage was more than an art technique, it is a state of mind. It helps bypass linear narrative to arrive at a broader perspective that apprehends pattern, rhythms, and wave forms. The Stark juxtaposition of black and white of my tessarae evokes the ambiguous nature of our topsy-turvy, angst-ridden times when our common agreements about truth are constantly being undermined.

John Keats spoke of an art that embraced uncertainty, doubt, and ambiguity as a way to attain a higher Truth that is synonymous with that Platonic ideal, Beauty. Keats called this capacity to tolerate the unease that attends confrontation with the unknown, Negative Capability.

We would do well to exercise our negative capability as a way to negotiate the convoluted, duplicitous drama in which we are now foundering.

So in processing these collages–which, carried to the extreme, might reduce these fragments to total atomization–I search for the most essential kernel of Truth and Beauty at the heart of the Mueller Report. It is a way for me to deal with the maddness; and direct my own uncertainty, fears, and dread into creative channels.


I am an artist, writer and sailor in the Pacific Northwest.

One thought on “Truth isn’t truth is Beauty

  1. Craig, you are way to sophisticated for me. When I paint, I go into a zone and there is no thought at all. It’s like meditation! Later, I stand back and see what needs to be done. Any knowledge I’ve garnered over the years has gone into my sub-conscious. I just let it do it’s thing… Have completed 9 works and am working on a triptych right now. Trying to get it all to come together. HA!

    Am well versed in the national political situation, but I refuse to allow it to enter into my painting. That’s where I chill out – completely!!!!

    Come by and see when you’re on island! Would be grateful for any critique you could offer.

    Best ever, Pipper


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