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CRamnibus–I enter the murky depths of political chicanery

This is a first for a View from the wheelhouse: to venture into the convoluted world of politics. My readers-and I know they are legion- probably know this is not my forte. Nonetheless, here goes.

The latest scam concocted by Citigroup and Wall Street crooks called CRomnibus has brought the art of political chicanery to a new level of dizzying complexity.

Our “democracy” has been impoverished to the point where Citigroup can author bills that benefit only themselves and the billionaires who have the shrewdness, wherewithal and sheer balls to write US monetary policy.

They frame the language so that prohibition of bankster and Wall Street bailouts are put in the same category as a bailout of the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC.) Their legal team of shysters have  engineered this scam in such a way that a vote against the bill can be spun in the 2016 election as voting to weaken our defense and allow cuts to the hard earned pensions of the elderly. The fact is, depletion of the pension funds is due to Wall Street crooks gambling them away in the first place.

Could it be that this provision of CRomnibus was inevitable because a good percentage of pension funds have already been stolen, and the bloated profits of the uber-rich are partly due to the transfer of them into their own bank accounts?

Billionaires are now buying both parties and hold allegiance to neither. They will fund either if it fits their financial interests. In fact, as the term multinational implies, they don’t even hold allegiance to the US, and make no bones about cramming provisions into the bill that allow for the sale of sacred Apache lands to a foreign mining corporation. Are Republicans so stupid they consider such a system patriotic?

Big money also owns the media that keeps us endlessly distracted. I find the timing of the torture report’s release interesting. While the public is, rightly, outraged by these “revelations” we spend our energy in endless hair-splitting debates on what constitutes torture and when we are justified in its application-an illogical argument since-if we agree torture is an egregious practice that should not be used-there is no justification.

This latter point casts the Obama administration in a dubious light. Or could it be that, while the report is a welcome blow to the Bush legacy, it is also playing into bankster’s hands by diverting attention away from this heist? Still, Wall Street bankrolled Obama’s ’08 campaign to the tune of 16 million and they seem perfectly willing to sacrifice the Chaney gang if it suits their purpose..

Call me paranoid. Or maybe I’m starting to look beyond the wheelhouse windows to see a bigger picture of the phenomenal world.


I am an artist, writer and sailor in the Pacific Northwest.

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