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On a Clear Day in Friday Harbor

I finally made it home after being hammered by storms and held down in the lee of Port Hadlock for nearly a week.   I’ve had little internet access and only able to make an occasional post.  It’s good to be back and have more time read and interact with my fellow bloggers.


I am an artist, writer and sailor in the Pacific Northwest.

15 thoughts on “On a Clear Day in Friday Harbor

  1. Thank you, James. If you’ll notice, I’m a little flat on some notes, but Craig says that’s OK because in some traditions aritists believed that if the piece were perfect, it may be taken as an offense to God. So I did it purposely (pretty good excuse, don’t you think?)

  2. Now that was like a little oasis in my day. You’ve got a lovely voice and everything, even the gentle bobbing up and down, had such a down to earth peace about it. Thank you. Wonderful moment.

  3. Thank you, Don. It was an inspiring moment in that little boat when the fog lifted and the sky cleared.

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