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Raven Visitation

raven windowraven window

I’ve gotten to work on my November art show, beginning with an image inspired by an encounter with raven.

In waking life, while walking in the forest I heard the a rush of a raven’s wings beating the air overhead.

Later, the same sound woke me from sleep. The clear call pierced my dream and I suddenly woke  in my bedroom with nary a raven in sight and the doors firmly shut against intruders.

A visitation, a call? The light-bringer moved between worlds with a sign for me to to transpose into the language of art.

So this is where the work comes in.   It is a Art Deco stained glass window motif I thought appropriate Raven’s boundary-crossing spirit.  It is a spirit that, as James  Fielden puts it in his beautiful post,  A Lapse of Time, “pushes against the edges of mystery.”


I am an artist, writer and sailor in the Pacific Northwest.

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