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Artwork in progress-a look back

insstallation 3

Here’s an installation photo from my show.  It’s good to get it done.  Now I can move on to other things.  Like gardening, chopping wood, and writing blog posts again.installation cropped

Putting up a show is always a double-edged thing.  There’s the excitement and sense of accomplishment, but it’s also something of a let down in the end.  It’s a summation, of sorts, a statement of where I’ve arrived at this point in time, life and career.  It’s strange to think I did my first oil painting 50 years ago.  I thought of showing this painting too, but couldn’t hang it without a little more work on it.  Would this be cheating?installation 4


I am an artist, writer and sailor in the Pacific Northwest.

6 thoughts on “Artwork in progress-a look back

  1. The showing looks great I hope it was everything you’d hoped it would be. As for the question, I think it’s up to the artist to decide when a piece is done, I have one I’ve been adding to for 20 years so far so no it wouldn’t be cheating if you brought the piece up to pace with where you are now. Just my humble opinion.

    1. Thanks for the comment Benjamin. I guess I’m happy with the show, but something always eludes me. Something I only vaguely glimpse at times. But the painting in question was done from one of those Learn-to-Paint books by Walter D. Foster. First time I encountered an eggplant. -Craig

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