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Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

Everyday I’m reminded of the path that has been chosen for me. One may say but don’t we make our own path chose our own destiny? Yes of sorts we do but so often I think if one looks close at the existence of their life you will find circles, choices remade, situation explored time and time again. This is life, a linear circle if we want to think in a non-conventional way. Layers of paths intersecting and switching yet ultimately ending in the same place. So each day I wake and I listen to what the world is saying, the trees, the wind, the sound and vibration of the world, I try to absorb that energy and let it find it’s place within. I listen to my body and see if its part if me or I with it in any given day. Anybody with a neurological disorder will…

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I am an artist, writer and sailor in the Pacific Northwest.

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