Morganatic-from Seamarks

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The Sea came to us–from Seamarks

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The Stone Steps of the Drama-from Seamarks

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Thus spoke the Man of the Sea

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The Secret Purpose–Seamarks continued

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Milk of Madrepores

Here is another video of sailing and poetry from St.-John Perse.  I misspelled Madrepores.  They get really mad when you do that.

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A Tale of Two Houses–a secret history of Port Madison

farnham house croppedfarnam house cropped


The rains have let up. I scan Port Madison’s northeast shore through binoculars to see the Farnham house, built above the old mill-site, where much of Bainbridge Island’s forests were milled in the mid-19th century. The house looks the same as when Judge John Farnham leaned on his hoe under his prize apple trees.

farnham up close

He  first signed on the General Park Hill at the age of 12 and spent 3 years shipping cotton between South Carolina and Liverpool before trading in contraband silk between Shanghai and Hong Kong. He rounded the Horn in the rush of ’49 and headed north to Port Madison when  loggers, ship builders and land speculators were rapidly displacing the indigenous Suquamish people.  He commanded side-wheel steamers, worked as shipwright and, in an odd –if not downright ironic–turn of fortune, served as keeper of the Seattle Pest House.

old maan hose cropped

Old Man House

This was when the Old Man House still stood; where creation was annually sung into being in the Winter Dances. It was the lofty, cedar temenos of the Suquamish tribe that was demolished by Albion’s brass-plated cannon of imperious might in 1870.

This is was the home of Princess Angeline.

After reading Jerusalem, I’ve come to see Blake’s Gothic, sweeping poetry entwined with the shadowy firs of Port Madison.  A rummy wastrel turned Urizenic guardian of self-righteous law, Farnham  became the very image of man’s fallen spiritual state, laboring eternally in the Satanic mills, separated from his Sophianic emanation and closed to the Divine Vision.

angeline cropped

Princess Angeline

And I hear fair Angeline as the banished Jerusalem, still weeping over the bay for her lost and tender children.

Farnham’s end was tragic. He had begun exhibiting signs of odd behavior and was forcibly dismissed from office. He held out against the deputy sheriffs in the Port Madison courthouse (then the County seat) with a shot-gun for 3 days before being led away quietly–a man forsaken by his adamant God of Reason.

Ballasted with river rock, he boarded the Seattle ferry, planning to jump into the deep soundings off Elliot Bay. But the emergency crew fished him out and he died shortly after.


I honor John Farnham, respect his adventuresome spirit and outrageous character; whose salty yarn and prize apples are the true golden relics of another age.

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Otter Weather

wheelhouseRain hammers the deck as the wind roars over the high bank of the south shore.  Like big, blue wings, the tarp on the derelict boat rafted alongside billows in the gusts and shoots spray high onto Old Hand’s wheelhouse windows.  Windward is a sorry sight–the once proud Herreshoff racing sloop now lies rotting through the long Northwest winter rains.  I used to pride myself on my tarpological creations, but now they are blown to blue tatters before the furious onslaught of the Pineapple Express.

A kingfisher chatters high over the rigging as the whole boathouse sways above Old Hand’s starboard rail.  At times like this, I wonder if I should have used 10″ lag bolts to anchor the posts onto the dock.  But it seems to be holding fine.

This is the weather the otter likes.  One slithers onto the float and lies momentarily atop my inverted Livingston dinghy before again vanishing into the green depths of Port Madison.  It’s good to see them otter croppedagain–my pals the otters–if I could only get them to use the cat box.  But they scoff at such refinements, and prefer to poop all over the lines I’d so artfully coiled on the dock.  Such is the life of those who toil at sea.

After all the work creating my art exhibit, I went through a depressed phase, exacerbated by a lingering cold.  This down time usually accompanies the completion of a project.  It’s just part of the process.  It’s only natural that we feel emptied out after such an expenditure of energy, and the empty feeling, far from being  bad, is just what I need.  Rather than feeling washed up, it’s better to make friends with the emptiness and spaciousness in order to be filled again with the creative spirit.

So now I roll and split great oak rounds near the old Ed Monk workshop, repair Old Hand’s diesel heater and go over current tables–making long, Springtime passages over the Salish Sea of my imagination.

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WordPress, the largest platform Blogger… WordPress, la più grande piattaforma Blogger… WordPress, ce mai mare platformă bloggers

Originally posted on valeriu dg barbu blog:

Trilingual post: English, Italian and Romanian languages

WordPress is (still) one of the biggest blogging platforms in the world.
This is an indisputable truth and archi-known.
WordPress is divided into two branches, one free with limited functions, and the other for a fee and with good tools.
The free branch is not really bad, has parts very laudable, but, but, but, since June of 2013, began to appear more and more problems.
You do not count “the views”, stats, in honest mode (as proof, I have an external counter that gives me different from other statistics do wordpress, leaving the impression that wordpress, steal, …I checked and tested with the blogger friends …in addition, careful observations ..)
Until recently, there have been problems with the “Like”, now, do not stick in all blogs, these “Like”
On some blogs, when you want to leave a “Like”, will open a new browser…

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Los’s Bright Halls-The Exhibit-an artwork in progress

exhibit 2 I finally got the art show up.  I came down with a nasty cold as the time for hanging approached, and all the work of logistics, promotion, and “finishing” the paintings became a real grind.

But we had a nice opening last night.  Many friends came showing their appreciation and support.  Thanks to all.

In my next post I hope to give a more complete account about the experience of creating these works over the past 3 months.

Lets just say for now that I came to realize I bit off far more than I could chew, though I did this deliberately–as a sort of audacious challenge to myself.

jerusalem in show

Jerusalem-painting by Craig Spencer

There always looms the possibility that the painting was better left at an earlier stage, or that the work may not bear the test of time.  At times I wondered if a painting might be veering perilously close to maudlin tripe, or the whole concept totally misguided.

But I  really don’t worry about it.  It’s best to have the courage to make a clear statement.  I think age and experience has taught me to trust the process and to carry through despite such doubts about relevance, skill level or (in this case) my understanding of Blake’s gorgeously bombastic, prophetic poem.

These blog posts have been an integral part of this exhibit’s creation.  Thanks to all who have been following and commenting.

vala, arches, golgonooza

Vala, Temple 3, Building Golgonooza-paintings by Craig Spencer

albion in show

Albion Asleep-painting by Craig Spencer

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